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Frequently Asked Questions

 Synthetic Urine


Q. Does your synthetic urine have uric acid?

A. Yes, in fact the synthetic urine does contain the correct amount of uric acid PH creatine as well as all the other elements found in real human urine. Major labs look for the presence of uric acid and other compounds to validate that the urine is real human urine and not synthetic. With years of research to ensure a superior product we know our synthetic pee passes every time! With years of experience and stellar online forum reviews trust in us to deliver the results you need!


Q. Does your urine work for both men and women?

A. Yes, they do. With human like compounds found in every kit produced by the lab you will find there is no other urine like it on the market. Do your research can any other company online say the following? we can! contains the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent


Q. My Sample was sent to a lab, will it pass?

A. Yes, Peepack Solution™ synthetic urine has went through a lot of clinical research to ensure it is the best of the best. If you follow the directions printed with every kit you have no possible chance of failure. Most people tend to fumble on the preparation portion, keep in mind testing facilities will accept any sample between 92-100 degrees. Simply follow our directions and there will be no problems or concerns. Thousands of people have used Peepack Solution™ synthetic urine with passing results and we ensure you will be next!


Q. Why does this synthetic urine grow bacteria and other don’t?

A. This synthetic urine is reversed engineered human pee no other brand comes as close. PH Balanced colored water does not grow bacteria!


Q. Why would I want my synthetic urine to grow bacteria?

A. Simple, all human urine will grow bacteria after it leaves the body, Peepack Solution™ synthetic pee is designed to do deteriorate at the same pace. 90% of urine samples are sent to a laboratory for further analysis, you would not want it to arrive there bacteria free. That would be a clear indication that it isn’t real.


Q. Can the urine be reheated more than once?

A. Yes, Peepack Solution™ synthetic urine can be reheated and cooled as many times as needed over a full year.




Q. Do I need to use the heat pad?

A. The main cause for failure is temperature failure whether its too hot or too cold. An ideal sample should read between 96-100 degrees. Your body alone will bring it up to about 94 degrees and that is without using the organic heating source. The organic heating pads we provide will do the trick and ensure it will get it up the last few degrees and it will allow for it to remain at that temperature for up to eight hours. Majority of heating pads sold in the store tend to overheat the sample leaving you in a panic with a chance for failure


Q. Why does the synthetic urine need to be next to my body?

A. Your body is your internal heat source for the synthetic urine. The temperature strip side should face your body with the heat pad on the side away from your body to ensure a perfect temp when submitting your sample to a lab.


Q. Can I microwave my Peepack™ and urine?

A. No, not necessary; Simply follow the directions provided and we ensure you it will work. We have tested it and the results are proven! Our heating system is accurate and simple to operate. It will keep the sample at 98º to 100º for about eight (8) hours.


Product Freshness & Expiration


Q. How long is the urine good for?

A. Unopened, good till the product expiration date. Keep in mind extreme temperature changes and harsh environments speed up the urine’s degradation process. Once the sample has been opened and exposed to air, you should treat it like a carton of milk that will eventually spoil. It will immediately start growing bacteria which is normal like human pee would. Do not panic simply place the unit in the fridge and use it within the next 48 hours.


Q. What if I have urine left over, can it be used on another test?

A.  Yes, but be sure to store it in a dark room temperature environment.


Q. How can I tell if my urine is expired due to harsh conditions if the date says it’s still good?

A. You will notice the fluid taking on a cloudy appearance. If you notice this do not attempt to use the urine again. Time to obtain a fresh new product.



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